Choosing a haircut for Women over Seventy

A complementary haircut is one of the most important things to a woman. As age advances, most women feel that as their facial features change, their hairstyle options reduce. Due to their advanced age, women over seventy prefer haircuts that are of low maintenance and suitable for grey hair. This, however, does not eradicate the need for a stylish and trendy hairstyle to give them a gorgeous appearance.

Some of the haircuts that go very well with advanced age include:

  • Layered bob;
  • Grey pixie cut;
  • Short bob cut;
  • Blunt bob cut;
  • Long Pixie;
  • Wavy bob;
  • Feathered bob.

A woman does need to consider a few aspects so as to choose the best haircut that not only complements them but also fits their taste and preference.

Hair Texture

The various hair textures include dry, course, curly, wavy, straight, fine, stringy, limp and oily. Haircuts and their various styles most times depend on the hair texture. A woman with soft fine hair will look much better in a feathered bob while one with curly hair will look better in a wavy bob.

 Straight hair will go much better with a classic bob, medium height layered bob or a single length bob. They are well favored by women above seventy due to its clean simplicity and it is light and suitable for any climatic condition.

Curly and wavy textured hair will look so much better with medium length or longer just barely below the shoulders. The longer the hair the more time it requires in maintenance. Women who enjoy spending more time grooming will be favored by long and wavy haircuts.

Hair Volume

The volume of one’s hair contributes a lot to how well the desired haircut will look. Women with voluminous hair and want to show it off will look so much better with wavy or fluffy haircuts. Women who want fewer volumes look much better with short hair bob or pixie. When it is cut low on the back side with a few layers, it gives an illusion of light and non-voluminous hair.

What looks good on everyone?

A woman will feel more comfortable selecting a haircut that they have already seen its success among their peers. Looking at how one of your friends, peers or someone with like features looks in a haircut gives an older woman an opportunity to anticipate if it will be suitable for them.

When selecting a haircut, one needs to consider all these factors. However, at the end of the day choosing a haircut is best defined by ones taste and preference.