Bob and Blunt Bob Haircuts for Women Above 70

A haircut is important to every woman as it is the first impression that they can share with anyone they meet. Choosing the perfect haircut can be quite a task for women above 70 years as they will have most probably tried most. Their hair has grown grey and most times more brittle. A blunt bob can do the trick and bring out the best in grey hair.

Short haircuts are many and of different types. They can easily be manipulated and tailored to suit an individual’s features and likes. Some of the features that go very well with a bob or blunt bob haircut include:

  • Round face;
  • Thin to medium hair;
  • Curly or thick wavy hair;
  • Fine hair.

Straight short bob

When a woman is seeking a straight simple and clean look, this is the best. It can be manipulated to fit short or medium length. It can be enhanced with layers or side bangs and styled differently to fit the individual’s preferences.

Classic Bob

This is an ancient yet timeless style. It is loved and preferred by older women as it is easy to maintain and is suitable for a simplified and dignified look as well as an executive and sophisticated one. It is best for one who wants to celebrate the natural grey hair.

Blunt Bob

This is a style flows to the chin. It is a look that is most cherished by older women who want to feel a dash of their youthful years. It can be styled with natural silver grey color or dyed to fit an individual’s preference.

Short Inverted Bob

A woman who is independent and likes to keep busy even in their elderly age will prefer this style most. It is an easy care haircut that has inverted waves and layers. Multiple layers can be added to make it fancier as well as outward side bangs.

One Length Bob

As age advances, some women will prefer less fancy looks. A single length haircut without bangs or layers. It is mostly cut to shoulder length and is comfortable and easy to maintain look for women above seventy. It also goes very well with grey especially if the roots still have a dash of the original color.

Wavy Bob

This is a short and layered style which is most suitable for naturally curly hair. It can also be set and styled to add curls and waves to that which is naturally straight. If its texture is fine, graduated wavy bob is so much better.

Bob is a classic haircut dating back many years yet remaining stylish more so if it is a blunt bob. These are some of the haircuts that are suitable for women over seventy. They are all powerful and give a woman a strong bold look.