5 Haircuts for Grey Hair

Women value their hair a lot in life as it is the main focal point of their beauty and elegance. Grey hair is a stage of the normal life cycle. Women above the age of 70 years worry about the best styles for their grey hair. At this stage, an individual is worried about their look and appearance as they age and wants to uphold the reputation they have already created for themselves. The right cut can mean an excellent appearance as lady ages gracefully.  A few things to consider when selecting a style include;

  • Hair texture; soft, kinky or curly;
  • Preferable length; short, medium or long;
  • Lifestyle; sophisticated, casual or easy free.

These are some of the top styles for grey hair.

Layered Classic Bob

This is a haircut that is compatible with different lengths and it can be styled in different ways. It brings out the facial shape and structure while still giving a sense of timeless beauty. It’s more suitable for women with voluminous hair as the layers reduce the volume to give a light and ease of movement stylish look.

Silver Grey Pixie

This is when the hair is cut very low on the back and is best when it is darker around the roots and grey as it lengthens. It’s simple and one of the best cuts for that simple and easy look. It’s easy to care and light on your head. It is suitable for a casual or executive look.

Feathered Bob

This is a stylish and elegant look that creates a texture and volume illusion. It is most suitable for soft and less voluminous hair. It’s light, fluffy and looks great with a few side bangs. This haircut favors previously blonde heads best. However, a few brown highlights to the grey hair will give it a more sophisticated outcome.

Swoopy layered bob

This is a style that can be tailored to the length that favors the grey hair best. The cut is best when it barely lies on the shoulders and the layers across the middle. Its dimensions can be painted to give a fine and lightening effect on the grey hair. 

Short Curly Bob

This is a style that is best for naturally curly hair. It is cut into a bob shortest at the back and can be styled by the middle or either sides. For naturally curly one, it is easy to maintain and blends in the deeper colored roots with the grey.

A great style can change anyone’s opinion about grey hair looks and choosing one perfect for self will give them a comfortable elegant and admirable appearance. Any woman looking for a grey haircut should be more than confident with any of these five.