Layered Hairstyles for Older Women

Women value their hair a lot as it is their pride and most times can be a source of their good first impressions. They range from short hair, medium hair to long layered hairstyles. Layered haircuts have a special effect on any woman’s look despite age or color. Choosing the right layered hairstyle is what is important to bring out one’s personality as well as enhance and complement their natural features. They are fascinating styles such as:

  • Loose or pulled up-do;
  • Ponytail;
  • Braided;
  • Twisted;
  • Short bob or bangs.

Layered styles are in a wide variety and one can select any that suits them or have one tailor-made to their taste and preference.

Layered Pixie

This is a timeless style and it looks really good with grey hair. It is short at the back and ca be styled by the middle or side. It is an excellent look that fits a casual or an official and executive look. It gives an older woman confidence in their grey hair. It also gives them a chance at a style that they can dye to bring blinks of their youthful days.

Textured Pixie-Bob

Advancing in age does not mean diminishing in style and this layered style brings back the sassy look to the grey hair. It is easy to maintain yet classy, cool and comfortable. It reduces the volume of hair and makes one feel light and free. It can be styled differently according to one’s likes and gives a slimming effect to ladies with wide facial features.

Soft Layered Bob

A woman who is bold and has fine and non-voluminous hair needs a style that gives the illusion of volume. A feathered layered bob which is soft is good for an older woman as it is easy to maintain and gives the grey hair a glow. It is best when highlights are added to its edges to give it an amazing finish.

Long Silver Pixie

Women with straight hair and need an easy to maintain and one that does not take much time. A long silver pixie is suitable for older women whose hair is turning grey yet still has bits of its natural color around the roots. It does not require any special styling tools or skills.

Older women also deserve a chance to look classy gorgeous and exquisite. Layered styles are the way to go more so those that have a low maintenance requirement. Women can celebrate their grey hair or dye it with a bit of black or dark brown around the roots or highlights to give it a silver glow.