Layered Haircuts for Women over Seventy

When your age advances, it does not mean the end of stylish haircuts for you. There are many layered haircuts that are suitable for women over seventy. The main characteristic of hair at this point is the grey color and a haircut’s success greatly depends on face shape. However, layers make this grey hair look great and stylish. There are layered haircuts for all types of face shapes that will shed some years from your look.  

Finding out which shape your face becomes the first step in making the best choice. The face shapes that look great with layered haircuts include:

  • Round faces;
  • Heart faces;
  • Diamond faces;
  • Oval faces.

Chin up Layered Bob

This is cut to chin length and the extra layers make your grey hair bouncy and flattering. It gives an illusion of volume yet it has a low weight. Women love this haircut as it is a show of confidence and bravery.

A Layered Classic Lob

This is a hairstyle that combines a medium length bob with layers. Women over seventy look very fancy in this haircut and more so those who wear glasses due to failing eyesight. It is an easy to accessorize haircut that brings out an executive as well as athletic appearance. This style is popular among women over seventy as it is easy to put into a simple updo when they are busy and need the hair out of the way.

Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs

Layers add volume to hair and can achieve an ideal and well desired youthful shape. Layers also frame the face and soften the features and they go a long way to hide those wrinkles on the face. Adding those bangs to your hair helps to take away those wrinkles on the forehead and gives your haircut a stylish look. Soft bangs are much better and flattering especially when added to a haircut with layers. When your hair is wavy it brings out more beauty with layers and a soft bang.

Medium Layered Bob

A woman who is bold and has fine and non-voluminous hair needs a style that gives the illusion of volume. This medium length haircut will do just that for women over seventy who does not want to cut the hair too short. A feathered layered bob which is soft is good for a woman over seventy as it is easy to maintain and gives the grey hair a glow. It is best when lowlights are added to its edges to give it an amazing finish.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

The hair is cut to shoulder length and waves make it look classy and timeless. Women with straight hair can use big rollers to create the waves and the style looks more natural with hair that has natural waves. This haircut is best for women who feel even after seventy, they need a bit of length on their hair.

Layered styles are the way to go more so those that have a low maintenance requirement. Classic, as well as modern haircuts, look great on women over seventy as they still have the ability to give them a gorgeous appearance.